• Slurry Pipes is a division of Roll-a-Pipe Pty Ltd. which specializes in providing wear-resistant Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) pipes (Ultra PE Pipe™) to the mining and dredging industries.
  • Slurry Pipes offers a large range of wear and abrasion resistant pipes for applications such as dredging pipe, slurry pipes for hydrotransport, mineral sands pipelines, mine tailings pipelines, mine concentrate pipeline and waste water and pipelines, conveyance iron ore slurry, – coal / cement slurry and slurry transportation in mines.

About Ultra PE Pipe™

Ultra PE Pipe™

  • Ultra wear resistant
  • Ultra low friction
  • Ultra smooth
  • Ultra tough
  • Ultra high molecular weight

Uses of UHMWPE Pipe


  • Dredging Pipe
  • Slurry Pipe
  • Mineral Sands Pipelines
  • Mine tailings Pipelines
  • Mine Concentrate Pipelines
  • Water and Sewerage Pipelines

Lower Downtime


  • Ultra PE pipes offer: Lower Maintenance Costs, Less Maintenance Downtime.
  • Pipeline downtime due to wear, fouling, corrosion etc. can cost you millions of dollars. Since Ultra PE pipe offers unparalleled protection against abrasion, corrosion and leakage, it minimizes both planned and unscheduled downtime. As a result, Ultra PE pipe helps cut operating costs, improve transfer efficiencies and maximize your plant’s throughput.
  • REDUCE DOWNTIME AND MAINTENANCE COSTS With exceptional wear resistance and low friction coefficient, Ultra PE slurry and tailings pipe helps you reduce downtime and operating costs. more
  • The superior wear resistance of UHMWPE pipe significantly increases the time between pipe replacements and/or rotations leading to large savings by way of reduced maintenance costs and time.

Reduced Pumping Costs


  • Ultra UHMWPE Pipes also offer significant cost savings through increased pumping efficiency. Since the inner bore of Ultra PE pipes is extremely smooth and self lubricating (comparable to PTFE (Teflon™)).
  • The low coefficient of friction of the pipe surface leads to lower pressure loss and hence reduced energy inputs for pumping slurries.