• UHMWPE pipes are highly resilient, tough and durable products that have high-tensile and high-impact strength. They withstand high pressure for long periods.




  • UHMWPE pipes are lightweight – approximately one-half the weight of aluminum and one-eighth the weight of steel – reducing transportation, handling, and installation costs. They have smooth seamless interior walls.

Key Benefits of UHMWPE Pipes


  • Impact resistance: UHMWPE pipes have strong enduring capability to the impacts from various sands, mud and slurries.
  • Corrosive resistance: With higher structure stability ,UHMWPE pipes are corrosive resistant to sea waters. No electro chemical corrosion, no need anti-corrosive coating.The internal roughness of UHMWPE pipe is only 0.0010 mm thus the pressure loss of UHMWPE pipe is about 1/10 of steel pipes resulting in an over 20% of increase in transfer efficiency.

    Since the internal wall of UHMWPE pipes is very smooth this practical prevents fouling or scale formation on the inner wall of the pipe and hence there is no drop in pumping efficiency. Light weight :The density of UHMWPE pipe is only 1/8 of steel pipe. It is easy to move and install, especially suitable for the working sites where lifting machines is not available. Easy connection: flanges are available to connect the pipes, No need washers